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As with so many jazz bands that were founded during the sixties, the Charlestown Jazzband (CTJB) was named after the name of the city where it was founded. The city of King Charles the Great resided in Nijmegen. Initially, the CTJB was mainly inspired by the famous cornet player Bix Beiderbecke. But soon influences of Louis Armstrong, Chris Barber, and the Dutch Swing College Band had a strong effect on the style of the CTJB. Because the band, next to its frequent performances at jazz clubs, is eagerly invited to play at dance parties, the repertoire has been augmented with rock & roll and rhytm & blues songs. So, our audience welcomes the songs we play that have been written by Louis Prima (Buona Sera, Oh Marie) and Fats Domino (Blueberry Hill). The band is often requested to play at diners and parties as a quartet or quintet. Therefore, the CTJB can be considered an allround band suited for jazz festivals, jazz clubs, and various sorts of parties. Even those who appreciated our musical presence at a funeral testify our appropriate performance. As the band has made tours in Indonesia, Switzerland [Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad], Scandinavia, the U.K., Spain, and Italy and Denmark it has gained wide experience in the international scene of clubs and festivals. A jazz band with clear ambition, which characterizes the CTJB, requires a high ranking musical quality as well as an attractive performance by their members on stage from the very start till the end.

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  • 07Januari

    Triangle Jazzclub Brasserie de Manege Jachtlaan 8A Apeldoorn - 14:30
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