The band

eric beijnvoort

Eric Beijnvoort already played the drums in the sixties, being part of various rock & roll and beatbands. In 1975 he became a member of the CTJB which meant a "re-education" into jazzdrummer. "Less is more" was the philosophy during that period. The steady rhytm remained however and this is still the basis of the well-known Charlestown shuffle. Nowedays, Eric also manages the commercial activities of the CTJB.

henk van amerongen

June 2011, Henk van Amerongen joined the CTJB. Due to Henk’s ability to easily blow the trumpet in the high register, this caused a change in the band’s style. Specifically, this enabled the CTJB to extend its repertoire with Latin, mainstream, swing, and even modern jazz. As with almost each trumpet-player of his generation Henk was inspired by Louis Armstrong and took his first lessons on trumpet in a brass band. Next to the above, Henk’s vocal qualities are acknowledged, as well as as his ability to create so-called licks and riffs.

jan dokter

In a certain respect, the enthusiasm that Jan Dokter shows while on stage conceals a musical career for over many decades. As a genuine entertainer he underlines the current orientation of the CTJB, which might be characterized as being focused on the audience with a repertoire of various styles. As a player of the clarinet, sax, trumpet and well-known as a vocalist, Syndey Bechet and Bix Beiderbecke became Jan’s leading models of jazz. Particularly, his former music teacher brought Beiderbecke to Jan’s attention.

Jan de Bont

Jan the Bont became a member of the Charlestown Jazzband in September 2016. When he was asked to join the band as a permanent member of the CTJB he did not hesitate for a second. The reason was that he liked the sound, enthusiasm, variation and fun these guys have on stage. Before he became a member of the CTJB he played in several other bands with different styles, but at the end he wanted to play jazz. Jan is looking forward and is pleased to contribute to the rhythm group of the Charlestown Jazz Band Through his enthusiasm and passion he’ll be a valuable and appreciated member of the band.

piet beyé

During the fifties and sixties, Piet Beyé played piano in the "first edition" of the CTJB. Later, he joined various other bands in the eastern part of The Netherlands and also made performances as a pianist-entertainer. Due to his ability to play and to improvise in many different styles and keys his decision to join the present CTJB was enthusiastically welcomed. He is greatly acknowlegded for his easy way of interacting with the audience. He is also the sales-manager of the CTJB.

pieter duker

Pieter Duker’s challenge for playing the trombone in the CTJB is to match the sound, range, and dynamics of his improvisations to the varied repertoire of the band. Pieter, who founded the CTJB in 1968, is inspired by a wide range of interpretations on how to play this wind instrument. This varies from Chris Barber with his masculine and syncopic manner of playing in predominantly the lower and middle registers to Urbie Green with his lyrical and symphonical manner of playing in the high register.

rob egging

Rob Egging started his musical carrier after he stopped playing soccer at the age of 34. Stimulated by his friend Henk van Amerongen. He showed him how to play the bass guitar. Finally he started to study how to play the double bass and since December 2000 he joins the band. Because of his enthusiasm, charm and passion he is a well appreciated member of the CTJB. He also is taking care for public relation and acquisition as well as keeping this website up to date.